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Census of Ireland 1901

County: Down Barony: Lecale Lower Poor Law Union: Downpatrick District Electoral Division: Raholp Parish: Saul Townland: Gore's Island

RETURN of the MEMBERS of the FAMILY and their VISITORS, BOARDERS, SERVANTS &c, who slept or abode in the House on the night of SUNDAY, 31st of MARCH, 1901

No. on
Form B
Christian Name Surname Relationship to
Head of Family
Religion Read Write Age Months
Gender Occupation Marital Status Where born Irish or
Irish and English
1 Margaret Hinds Head RC R & W 74   F Farmer Not married Co.Down    
2 Jane Spratt Head Presbyterian R & W 88   F Farmer Widow Co. Down    

Ref: MIC/354/3/40
Reproduced with the permission of the Deputy Keeper of the Records, Public Record Office of Northern Ireland

Transcribed by William Stranney.

Converted to .html and uploaded on 15/11/06
By Patrick Devlin
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