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Census of Ireland 1901

Appendix 5
Visitor's Comments

1 October 2007As a Canadian resident, I most sincerely appreciate your most competent efforts. Imagine my surprise: finding my father and his siblings in the 1901 Saul, Lecale Census; he and and older brother, both Single, of parents (Bernard McKinney & Margaret Hynds)-deceased in 1900 and 1892 respectively-left Saul in 1912. Thanks again.
25 Sept. 2007Hi, Great Site. Without seeing the FormB1s themselves, where you have two townland forms for Ballintoher, it may be because there was two enumerators for the townland. Or that the form was filled out on a different night, and hence a separate enumerator collected the data. Even though the form says the census for 31st March 1901, alot of forms were not filled out until after this date. Just a thought
20 Sept. 2007 I just wanted to thank the Lecale Historical Society for posting the 1901 census information on the internet. I found my gr-gr-gr-grandmother's household.

A relative had sent me a copy of letter that my gr-gr-gr-grandmother mailed from County Down to her daughter in Pittsburgh, PA. This letter came from "County Down, Killough, Ballyviggis", and her name was Eliza Smith. When I found your web site, I found Ballyviggis and saw that there was an "Elizabeth Smith" who almost certainly is my ancestor. I found some interesting information, including her age, occupation, religion, other children & grandchildren, and I learned that she had been widowed.

Again, thank you for compiling this information and making it easy for someone to discover family information on the internet.

11 Sept. 2007Thanks for providing this valuable resource. I live in the US but have ancestral roots in Lecale. I was introduced to this site by Billy Stranney and my appreciation to him....Louis
15 August 2007Greetings from New Zealand
Just a short note of thanks to your transcribers for the 1901 census on your website. Through it I was able to find reference to a family called SHAW that I am researching. It was a great thrill to find Charles Shaw, shoemaker, his wife Annie and daughter May Jane listed in Dundrum. I am truly grateful.
With very best wishes.
14 May 2007fab site, keep up the good work. no hits for me yet but just wish more things like this were available on the net!!
5 May 2007Thanks for all the hours and effort putting on the 1901 census and all the other work involved in maintaining this site. I know how many hours it requires.. My Grandfather was always known as Leo Laverty but according to the census his name is Bernard have to ask the question of his sons and daughters was his first name Bernard and his second name Leo and as was the custom in years past to call a person by their second name?? Thanks for all the work anyway it has filled many dates and spaces on my family tree....
3 February 2007Just a quick note to say great website. I was able to look up my family history. Excellent. Many thanks
2 February 2007I used your site today for the first time and within seconds helped to piece together some missing names from my family research. Although I live in England, I was born in Belfast and my father was born in Downpatrick- from a long line of Perry's! Having been only able to trawl through the records at PRONI, the name index for the 1901 census is invaluable-especially as people were recorded in other houses.Well done to those involved in the project- especially William Stranney. Thank you very much!
28 Nov 2006Congratulations on completing the task of putting the census for Lecale online. This is a very useful resource for those doing genealogical studies in the Lecale area. Thank you very much.
30 Oct 2006Many thanks for your wonderful job of transcribing the info of the area in the internet.I am 82 years old and quite new at the computer. My father was from Down, name McGeean James Henry. I think his father was John and mother Mary Rutledge from Killough at least they were married in a catholic church on Castle St County Down, but I wrote to the priest but heard no more. I didnt mean to go on and on only to tell you how many happy hours I have spent with the Lecale society, thanks once again and good luck
5 Oct 2006Just to say a big thank you, have found the information extremely helpful. The presentation has been great, have found it very easy to navigate and find those I wished to. Not living in N.Ireland, it's great to have the information so readily available on this site.
14 Sept 2006Dear Friends
Thank you for doing so much work with the census. It has proved very useful for my genealogical research.
19 August 2006I've just come across your webpage on Cyndis List and found the transcription of the 1901 Census absolutely BRILLIANT!!!!!! Well done to the people who gave their time and effort. My family is from Dundrum and I had to go the hard way to get the Census details for them. If only I had waited .............
Good luck for the future of the Society!
5 August 2006Dear Lecale History Society!
I have only just discovered your website and cannot tell you what a wonderful surprise it was to discover that you have managed to put the Co. Down 1901 Census (a work in progress) on line! Well done to all those who have dedicated their time and energies to this mammoth task!!!!!
12 June 2006Thought you might like to know that your census info for our area was hugely successful for the friends we have whose families have been in Castlescreen etc for generations. I picked up on familiar names and passed the info on. I cant wait 'til you get the Downpatrick section on for my husbands family--literally can't wait so will probably go search in PRONI. I know what a huge task this is so many thanks for your time and effort.
18 May 2006This is tremenduous stuff, I've already found a brace of the family in Killough, just a half mile across the bay from Coney Island where my forefathers had a smallholding and worked on/out of Lord Bangor's harbour.
Coney island Ardglass next please....