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Census of Ireland 1901

Appendix 1
Barony, Parish and townland Maps

The purpose of these maps and the accompanying information is to allow those unfamiliar with the area to find a particular townland, locate it within a civil parish and be able to see how close it is to either a town or a major road.

The boundaries and names of each townland are the same as those on the 1949 Ordnance Survey map. However, it is important to note that these townland names are also the same as those in Griffith's Valuation (1863). The 'Griffith' spelling of a townland name is used in the small number of cases where there is a difference.

Each civil parish boundary has been drawn to agree with and include the groups of townlands listed in Griffiths for that parish.

The major roads shown, on the other hand, are drawn to represent, as far as possible, their present day paths.

As a general rule, any islands appearing on a map belong to the parish to which they are closest. One exception to this is the parish of Saul. All islands to the north of Saul Parish belong to it, including Hare and Green Islands. Jackdaw Island belongs to Ballyculter Parish, All the information about which townland or island belongs to which parish is, based on Griffith's Valuation.

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For modern map showing townland boundaries go to Election Maps, enter 'DOWN', select 'Local Authority' and follow the instructions.