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Front Cover: St John's Point Lighthouse celebrates its centerary in its present form.  Photo: Courtesy of Albert W.K. Colmer


  1. Message from the President.....Alex Carroll
  2. Tributes - to Mr Pat Killen and Major John Bennett.....Albert Colmer
  3. "Murder Most Foul - A Sequel".....Gerard Lennon
    • Follow-up of an article in Lecale Miscellany No. 3 (1985) - the last speech of William Gaddis.
  4. Strangford - Past Imperfect, Future Indefinite.....W.V. James
    • The story of a village from the Vikings to the present.
  5. A Flying Boat in Strangford Harbour.....Harry Burnett
    • It came.....and went!
  6. "Royal Oak".....John McGiffert
    • The oldest known racing rowing boat in the world.
  7. A Downpatrick Rental of 1752.....Fred Rankin
    • A valuable research resource for family and other historians.
  8. Down County Museum: A Source for Local History.....Lesley Simpson
    • About the Museum's document collection.
  9. Downpatrick War Memorial.....Dick Gifford
    • The commissioning and 1925 unveiling and dedication of the Memorial to the fallen from the area.
  10. The Australian Project at Down County Museum.....Carrie Wilson
    • Research and documentation of source material relating to the sentencing and transportation of Ulster people.
  11. The Little Ball-Room (Ballyclander).....Albert Colmer
    • A correction on the article in Lecale Miscellany No. 10 (1992).
  12. Heaven's Command.....Al Connolly
    • The uplifting story of Elizabeth Anne Sandes who founded the "Sandes Soldiers Homes".
  13. The Rooks Parliament on Swan Island.....Harry Burnett
    • Memories of the strange behaviour of rooks in Strangford.
  14. Index to Lecale Miscellany (Volumes 1 to 10).....Anthony M. Wilson
    • Detailed index of people and subjects.
  15. St John's Lighthouse - A Short History.....Albert Colmer
    • A short history of the lighthouse - built in 1844.
  16. Saint Torannan of Ballyhornan.....Eilis Fitzsimons
    • Search for derivation of the name 'Ballyhornan' leads to Scottish disciple of Colm Cille
  17. Teachers and Pupils of St Malachy's PS, Kilclief.....Submitted by John Ritchie
    • Picture of the class of 1956.
  18. Ballykinler.....Joe Fitzgerald
    • Speculation on possible association of family and townland.
  19. Divers search Quoile River for Archaeological Artefacts.....Submitted by DOEES
    • Trailer for future article on the results of the search.
  20. The Village Blacksmith.....John A Bryce
    • Memories of John Gordan and Dan Shields.
  21. The First Saturday.....Peter Doyle
    • Miscellania from the 2 January 1875 edition of the Downpatrick Recorder.
  22. Childhood Memories of Regattas at Strangford.....Harry Burnett
    • Fond memories of fun-filled summer days on both land and water in the 1920s and 1930s.
  23. Parish Church of St Nicholas', Ardglass.....Ian Gilchrist
    • A line drawing
  24. Tabula Memorum (To be Continued).....Al Connolly
    • An abstract of the names of Catholic Clergy who were born in, or ministered in, Lecale between 1595 and 1895.
  25. Downpatrick During World War II.....Courtesy of Down County Museum
    • Photograph of members of the Royal Welsh Fusilers, with a local family, in about 1940.

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