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Front Cover: Down Cathedral and the river Quoile fro path at Inch Abbey


  1. So, where did St Patrick come from?.....Michael McKernan
    • Brittany? England? Wales? Wideranging analysis of the (sparce) evidence
  2. The Ancient Nature of Strangford Lough..... Bob Brown
    • The Geology and Geomorphology
  3. Social Welfare in Ballynahinch 300 years Ago.....Horace Reid
    • Pioneering Scheme by First Presbyterian Church
  4. Modern Horse Racing in Downpatrick since 1850.....Joan Magee
    • The Ballyduggan Road Cource
  5. Shining the light on Ballykinler.....Philip Blair
    • Notes on the Christian sites of Baile Coinnleora
  6. Paradise Lost.....Colm Rooney
    • Mr Cumine's mansion at Ballyorgan
  7. The Little City of Bright: Revisited.....William Stranney
    • More about an ancient Parish Church
  8. The Story of St Patrick's Cross.....Mike King
  9. St Patrick's Grave in a New Perspective.....Philip Blair
    • A rare 1877 stereograph
  10. Book Notices.....Briege Stitt
    • Review of five books of local historical interest and three local historical periodicals.
  11. Review of the year, 2019-2020..... 
    • Some of the main activities of the Society over the past year.
  12. Notes on contributors
    • Short notes on each of the contributors to the 2020 Lecale Review
  13. Albert W.K. Colmer - A Tribute..... 
  14. Patrick Cross, 1943-2020 - A Tribute.....RBF
  15. Alan Johnston, 1926-2019 - A Tribute.....RBF
  16. Membership List.....
    • A list of all of the Society members at the end of the membership year.

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Updated: 26 November 2020